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Vocal Production

What Is Vocal Production?

Many tasks fall under the vocal production umbrella. A vocal producer can be a singing coach who works with artists during studio sessions to get the best takes and arrangements; an audio engineer who knows the right vocal chain for your voice and how to edit / tune to your taste; a post-production specialist who creates reverb throws, delays, pads, stutter edits, harmonies, and other "ear-candy" effects. I happen to be one of those who does all of the above, in varying capacities.

Why Should I Hire A Vocal Producer?

Would you want your album cover to feature a poorly lit, unedited shot of you with no styling in front of a nice, beautifully curated backdrop? Even if you're not the high fashion type, I doubt you'd show up to a shoot with your hair unwashed and teeth unbrushed. 


Why, then, would you not invest in your vocals–the face of lyrical music?

Fixing In The Mix

Let's face it, what you can fix and create with software is nothing short of astounding. But that shouldn't be a reason to be complacent about your performance, or to expect your post-production team to "fix it in the mix." It's important to know how use and take care of your voice, balance good technique vs. genuine emotion, and how to sing on a microphone. There are all kinds of ways you can prepare to set yourself up for a win in the studio. Consulting with a vocal specialist before any major recording projects is an investment worth making in yourself.

Vocal Production IS Production.

Vocals are essentially the face of lyrical music. They speak directly to the listener, deliver t

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