Ainjel Emme

 signal processing // ear candy // music 

Ainjel Emme is a producer, recording engineer, musician, and songwriter from Austin, TX. A DIY bedroom recordist turned professional with 20+ years of experience, AE has forged an accomplished path and industrious toolbox. She is a 'record polish' specialist who collaborates with artists, producers, and mixers across (and beyond) all genres. Though she operates primarily from her private studio in Joshua Tree, she has a hi-fi travel rig and loves to work in inspired, unusual locations.

In addition to a lifelong obsession with recorded music, AE is a passionate advocate for women and gender non-conforming folks in the recording arts. She has spoken on and hosted numerous panels featuring women in audio, mentored aspiring young engineers and producers, published informative articles spotlighting women's struggles and achievements, and participated in countless creative and educational workshops.