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let's play house.


PRODUCTION PLAYHOUSE is a studio camp devoted to connecting women and gender-expansive individuals in music with meaningful access to events, environments, and communities that support both career and personal development.


Throughout this three-day workshop in the Tennessee woods, we'll immerse ourselves in song and production-based exercises that inspire creativity, teamwork, and technical development against a backdrop of sisterly, slumber party vibes! We'll also have some very special guests...

Some key details:


Dates: July 25th - 27th in Lebanon, Tennessee (45 minutes from Nashville). Full-day sessions will run from 10 am to 8 pm. Please plan to arrive the night before and depart on or after July 28th. Kindly refrain from booking travel or lodging until we confirm your attendance.


Costs: Participants are responsible for travel, lodging, and attendance fees. Finalized rates will be provided once we've processed applications (based on overhead and number of attendees). Confirmed guests will receive local information and access to a community page for updates. We can assist in connecting those interested in shared accommodations and rideshares.


Application: Please complete your application promptly to secure your spot. Applying does not commit you to attend. If selected, we will need to confirm your availability by May 30th.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions. I value your feedback.


Very special thanks to Nettie Freed at Spellbound for generously opening her space.


Yours in Service and Sisterhood,

Ainjel Emme

thank you for your support


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